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Fellowship Nomination Assessment Committees

Members of the Fellowship Council are encouraged to support the Fellowship process as a member of one of the following review committees:

Review Committee: Completes annual online review of a limited number of nominations to make selections for the FCFP designation
Adjudication Committee: Mediates the annual review process of any applications that do not receive consensus among the Review Committee
Appeals Committee: Reviews unsuccessful applications that have been submitted under the appeals process to make a final determination [Note: Appeals Committee members may not be members of the other committees]

All reviews will be completed online from January to May, each year. The anticipated time commitment for committee members will be less than 10 hours during those months.

The Review Process

All nominations must be reviewed by three members of the Review Committee who will each make a determination on whether or not the nominee successfully meets the criteria for Fellowship. The determination must be unanimous.

If a nomination is unanimously successful: The nomination will be reviewed by the member’s Chapter and the CFPC executive and the nominee will receive their FCFP designation at convocation at FMF.

If a nomination is unanimously unsuccessful: The nominee will be notified and will be able to view the reviewers’ comments. The nominee will be asked to inform their nominators of the assessment; however, the nominators will not be directly informed of the status of their nomination by the College. The nominee will be able to appeal the decision.

If the assessment of the Review Committee is not unanimous: The nomination will be passed on to a member of the Adjudication Committee who will review the nomination, as well as feedback from the three reviewers. The Adjudication member will then make a determination for the nomination. If the nomination is successful the nominee will receive their FCFP designation at FMF, after review from the CFPC Chapter and executive. If the nomination is unsuccessful, the nominee will be notified and will have the opportunity to appeal the decision at that time.

The Appeals Process

Unsuccessful nominations may be appealed with a submission through the online appeals system, including any additional information or documentation necessary to support the appeal. Appeals will be reviewed by a member of the Fellowship Appeals Committee and their determination will be final and binding.

All unsuccessful nominees can be nominated again in the next application period.

To join the Fellowship Council, please click here to sign up and indicate your interest in committee participation.