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The annual nomination period will begin on the first business day of the year in January and close on the last day of March. For 2018, the nomination/application system will be open from January 2 to March 31, 2018. All modified approach applications, nominations, and self-nominations must be completed and submitted within the specified nomination period. If you are nominating a CFPC member for Fellowship, please allow adequate time for them to complete their portion of the nomination in order to submit it by the deadline.

There are three streams for CFPC members to achieve Fellowship – being nominated by someone else, self-nominating or the modified approach. To determine which to select, please review the eligibility criteria and details of each stream below. If you are still unsure, please contact fellowship@cfpc.ca.

Eligibility Criteria

Before nominating a CFPC member for Fellowship, please ensure they are eligible to be nominated using this search tool. By searching for the member you wish to nominate, the system will identify whether or not the member is eligible for nomination by confirming that they are an active CFPC member in good standing, that they have held the CCFP designation for a minimum of 10 years prior to the Fellowship nomination, and that they are not currently a Fellow.

If a member is eligible for nomination, they must also meet the following criteria to be considered for Fellowship with the College. The nominee:

  • Must demonstrate a commitment to at least four of the seven CanMEDS-FM roles (Manager, Collaborator, Communicator, Health Advocate, Scholar, Family Medicine Expert, Professional)
  • Must demonstrate significant contributions to, or through, family medicine (e.g., a commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence across the broad range of competencies that characterize excellent family physicians, and to upholding the Four Principles of Family Medicine), namely:
    • Clinical expertise
    • Serving as a community resource
    • Serving as a resource to a defined group of patients
    • Building and nurturing the relationships in practice

All nominations require a nomination letter from two nominators, one of which must be a CFPC member in good standing. Patients and family members are not eligible nominators. Student and resident members may provide a nomination letter but they will not be considered members of the CFPC for nomination purposes.

Nominate a CFPC Member

Anyone nominating a CFPC member other than themselves, would complete this form.

Nominators will need to provide:

  • Contact information for the nominee
  • A statement identifying the broad range of contributions the nominee has made, specifically related to the Four Principles of Family Medicine

Nominees will be notified of their nomination by email and will be required to provide additional details before submitting it for consideration. Each nominee will need to ensure they have a nomination statement from two nominators, one of which must be a member of the College in good standing. Nominators who are members of the CFPC will have the opportunity to include a nominator statement on behalf of a second nominator. If a second nominator statement is not included, the nominee will be responsible for submitting one.

Nominator Checklist and Statement Template


Members who are eligible to be nominated for Fellowship may nominate themselves for the FCFP designation through the online system during the nomination period using this form.

All self-nominations will require:

  • A signed statement from two nominators (one of which must come from a CFPC member in good standing) highlighting the nominee’s contributions to/through family medicine, as related to the Four Principles of Family Medicine
  • A nominee statement identifying activities in four of the seven CanMEDS-FM competencies, demonstrating the broad range of work that characterizes outstanding family physicians

Nominee Checklist and Statement Templates

Nomination Reviews
The CFPC Fellowship Council will review all nominations, including self-nominations, and determine whether or not the member has successfully met the criteria. All determinations for Fellowship nominations will be communicated in July and successful nominees will receive their FCFP designation at convocation at Family Medicine Forum (FMF) in November.

The Modified Approach to Fellowship

In order to accommodate those members who were working toward Fellowship under the MAINPRO® criteria when the changes to the Fellowship process were announced, the College will offer a modified approach to Fellowship until application year 2021. After that year, all CFPC Fellowship designations will be achieved through the nomination process.

Eligibility for the modified approach to Fellowship:

  • You must be an active CFPC member in good standing
  • Before the application period closes in February 2021, you will have held the CCFP designation for a minimum of 10 years
  • As of December 31, 2015 you must:
    • Have been in your second five-year Mainpro cycle
    • Have completed 25 Mainpro-C credits in your second cycle
    • Have completed 25 Mainpro-C credits for two consecutive five-year cycles

For members who are eligible for the modified approach, once you have held your CCFP designation for 10 years, you may apply to receive your Fellowship designation. Modified applications will require two letters of support and one must be from an active CFPC member in good standing.

Modified Approach Application Checklist and Statement Templates

Modified applications will be accepted only during the annual nomination period and through the online application system. Applications through the modified approach to Fellowship will not be reviewed by the Fellowship Council. All applicants who successfully meet the eligibility criteria will receive their FCFP designation at convocation at Family Medicine Forum that year. If you are not eligible to apply under the modified approach for any reason, you are eligible and encouraged to pursue Fellowship through the nomination process once you have held your CCFP designation for 10 years.

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for the modified approach to Fellowship, please contact fellowship@cfpc.ca.