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General Fellowship Questions

Q. When will nominations be accepted

A. The nomination system will open annually on the first business day of the year and end on the last day of February.In 2017, nominations will be accepted from January 3rd to March 31st.

Q. How can I submit a nomination?

A. Nominations can be made exclusively through the use of the online system.

Q. Who can nominate someone for Fellowship?

A. Nominations may be submitted by a peer, a representative from a university, a CFPC Chapter, CFPC National office, community official/leader, and/or other members of the community or professional organizations. Self-nomination is also acceptable.

Patients and family members are not eligible to nominate, and cannot be involved in the nomination process. Additionally, for the purpose of nominations, Student and Resident CFPC Members will not be considered member nominators.

Q. What are the maintenance requirements for Fellowship?

A. Fellowship will now be a permanent designation as long as the member remains a member in good standing. There will be no Mainpro maintenance requirements specifically for Fellowship.

Q. What if I received my FCFP designation under one of the previous processes?

A. If you achieved Fellowship under one of the previous processes, your designation will remain in place, and requires no action by you. Your FCFP will also now be a permanent designation, as long as you remain a member in good standing.

Q. Is there an Appeals Process?

A. Yes. If a nomination is unsuccessful, the nominee may appeal the decision through a process of providing additional information to support the nomination, for consideration by a member of the Appeals Committee. The decision of the Fellowship Appeals Committee is final and binding.

Criteria and Eligibility

Q. What is meant by “demonstration of significant contributions to, or through, family medicine”? 

A. Fellows should demonstrate a commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence across the broad range of competencies that characterize outstanding family physicians, and to upholding the Four Principles of Family Medicine, namely:

  • Clinical expertise
  • Serving as a community resource
  • Serving as a resource to a defined group of patients
  • Building and nurturing the relationships in practice

Q. Are the contributions limited to the medical community?

A. No. Committee and community work is not limited to the CFPC or the medical community. “Contribution” can be defined broadly in respect to recognition.

Q. What kinds of activities would be recognized as contributions to the community?

A. Qualifying activities include:

  •      Community or practice engagement
  •      Teaching
  •      Program development
  •      Practice innovation
  •      Leadership role(s)

Broader definition examples could include such activities as promoting health in the community through speaking to community/school groups; participation in coaching or mentoring opportunities in the community; and developing public health messaging for a clinic, hospital, or community.

The Modified Approach to Fellowship

Q. How do I know if I am eligible for the modified approach?

A. You are eligible for the modified approach to Fellowship if you:

  1. Are a CFPC Member in good standing and have begun your second consecutive five-year Mainpro cycle by December 31, 2015
  2. Completed 25 Mainpro-C credits before December 31, 2015
  3. Completed 25 Mainpro-C credits in your previous Mainpro cycle
  4. Received your CCFP Certification before December 31, 2010, and will have held it for at least 10 years (in the event of any suspensions or discontinuations) by February 2021

If you are still unsure of your eligibility for the modified approach, you can contact fellowship@cfpc.ca with your name and Member ID number and a CFPC staff member will verify these details for you.

Q. I am eligible for the Modified Approach to Fellowship but have not had my CCFP designation for 10 years yet. What should I do?

A. You do not need to take action to indicate you will be pursuing the modified approach to Fellowship until you have held your CCFP for 10 years. Once you have held your Certification designation for 10 years, you will apply through the modified stream of the nomination system during the next available nomination window.

Note: If your 10-year milestone as a Certificant occurs within an active nomination period, you may apply within that application year.

The Fellowship Council

Q. Who/what is the Fellowship Council?

A. The Fellowship Council is a volunteer advisory body consisting of Fellows of the College who wish to take part in the Council or one of the committees (Reviews/ Adjudication/ Appeals). The Fellowship Council is open to all FCFP designees in good standing and will have the primary responsibility of reviewing and assessing nominations. The Council may also periodically be called upon to advise the College on the discipline of family medicine and the Canadian health care system. All members who hold the FCFP designation are invited to participate in The Fellowship Council. To sign up visit: http://cfpc.fluidsurveys.com/s/cfpc-fellowship-council-2015/.